Business Casual for Women: Combination of Business Formal & Casual

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Some people say it’s complex to achieve the in-between level of formality, but you will learn this style quickly with this guide. The most straightforward solution could be that business casual wear connects business formal and relaxed types.

It’s essentially about mixing those formal and less formal garments to build a look of semi-formality that will be proper and respectable for the office but not offensively casual towards co-workers. Here is a few business casuals for women patterns and outfit ideas for you to take inspiration from.

How To Dress Business Casual

There are excellent business wardrobe staples that every lady should own. Sophisticated business skirts, multiple colours of slacks, formal and casual shirts, blazers, suits…you define it. Let’s discover how to consolidate these outstanding business lines with casual clothes to not overdress or underdress for those office days ahead.

The basic rule we can practice for all the outfits: one formal business clothing should be merged with one casual one.

  • Business Casual Blazer: Blazer is regarded as a formal business interest which implies a casual piece should compliment it. Match it with a simplistic shirt, jeans or chinos or lightweight apparel to keep the look fresh and straightforward, nevertheless semi-formal.
  • Business Casual Dress: The business dress is a very formal arrangement that should be combined precisely to deliver the right level of formality. Try dressing it in an oversized linen blazer, a deep and funky trench coat, or a thickset sweater for a more laid-back duty environment.
  • Business Casual Shirt: Formal shirts are firm, absolutely fitting and very rich. They are the perfect basis for business casual wear, so let’s gain the most out of them. Combine yours with linen chinos, dark jeans, a sweater or an oversized trench coat. As for casual shirts with multiple micropatterns, checks, or stripes, mix them with clean resembling and simple slacks to look elegant.
  • Business Casual Slacks: Women’s slacks are the ideal clothing items due to their versatility and convenience. Effortlessly consolidated with essentially anything, consume them with one of your casual or formal shirts, with a casual tweed blazer or a radiant sweater and ballerinas. It is one of the comfiest outlay you can devise for your day in the office.
  • Business Casual Skirt: Business clothes are modern and classic looking, so we also require separate formality with some casual elements. Let’s not settle the length as it would be unsuitable for the professional setting. Instead, try covering the pencil skirt with an open shirt tucked in or a flared skirt with a plain t-shirt that fits you well. Don’t wear your heels if you need to keep them relaxed. Try standing for your ballerinas or loafers in place of it.
  • Business Casual Suit: Suit is, without any reservation, the most conventional piece of all the business legal wardrobe classics. Please don’t assume that you cannot discern some wear from it in the business casual. Go for clothes in bright pastel colours that can be effortlessly combined with a simple white t-shirt and ballerinas if you work for an informal business interview. If your company provides it, go for the attention with classic leather sneakers and carry them with a floral or checked pantsuit.

Don’ts of Business Casual Attire

  • Duck wearing running shoes, flip flops, or strappy summer sandals.
  • Leggings, yoga pants, or ripped pants are an absolute no-go in enterprise casual attire.
  • Sweatshirts with hoodies and sportswear are also not recommended.

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