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The typical startup serves to be a shoestring enterprise by its creation, with initial funding from the patrons or associates and families. We are inching towards an AI-first world with each passing day, and this is an excellent time for tech startups to gain their mark. As we all understand, AI and robots will control the future; numerous firms and tech investors have a bird’s eye view of the tech industry for all the innovative ideas that you can transform into truth. So it’s time to Imagine BIG, Serve NOW – is the new motto.

Check out the listing of the multiple encouraging new startups of 2021, as it will spare you the trouble. The list is based on their achievement stories and venture-backed funding they have established so far. Therefore, it is not a complete list of startup companies and is not rank-based.

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  • Industry: AI
  • Funding: $23.2M
  • Investors:
  • AI platform that interlinks everything you need on a single platform
  • Never lose a digital file ever again: Motto of the Capacity startup
  • Uses AI to obtain out what apps you require at what time
  • Helps you and your team manage time
  • Gain knowledge about things that matter
  • Focus on achieving the business goals


  • Industry: Ecommerce
  • Funding: $87M
  • Investors: DBL Partners
  • Shared electric mobility platform
  • Designed to promote innovative city projects around the world
  • Rent motor pods for a day, a month, or a year
  • Take care of the maintenance and expenses
  • Motor pod stops working
  • Find a new parked vehicle just for you.
  • Offers hybrid electric vehicles
  • Swappable parts, sleek design, batteries, built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Commute with ease and remain safe.


  • Industry: AI
  • Funding: $34.1M
  • Investors: Scale Ventures
  • go-to platform
  • AI-powered voice assistant
  • Turn contact centers into advantage generation machines
  • Uses multiple technologies
  • Tracks, monitors, and educates the call agents
  • Ensure each of your calls can generate sales
  • Increasing profitability and reducing the number of uninterested callers.


  • Industry: AI
  • Funding: $10.5M
  • Investors: Flying Fish Partners
  • Customer support just got easier
  • Customers serve to get disgruntled when they don’t get the assistance they expect
  • Revolution in customer support
  • Helps customers pinpoint the problem through the lens of their smartphone
  • A team can guide them through AI cues right at the instant.
  • Equips the product support engineers
  • Get crucial knowledge using OCR, proprietary spatial mapping, and object & pose estimation technology.


  • Industry: AI
  • Funding: Undisclosed
  • Investors: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Collects precise survey results
  • Uses geolocation, call records, hyperspectral imagery, and open street maps
  • Operational for the past two years
  • Obtained The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funding
  • Crowdsourcing model
  • Relies on machine learning
  • Reduces cost and minimizes human errors

Eyewear tech

  • Industry: AI
  • Funding: Undisclosed
  • Investors: High Tech Grunderfords
  • Innovative startup in the camera tracking and recognition enterprise
  • Observes a person’s gaze and ascertains the motive
  • Developed to cater to real-world issues
  • Caters security, buyer choice, human intentions
  • Uses patent-pending computer vision algorithms
  • Increase human-machine engagement.
  • 3D eye-tracking software senses depth through cameras
  • Allows gaze tracking in 3D remotely


  • Industry: AI
  • Funding: $25M
  • Investors: Atomico
  • Aims to develop sustainable infrastructure
  • Help companies grow
  • Decreasing the environmental pollution
  • Create and investigate billions of site plans
  • Classify out the best ones and provide the infrastructure developers comprehensive statistics
  • Employs machine intelligence to develop with eco-friendly designs


  • Industry: Ecommerce
  • Funding: $23.1M
  • Investors: Andreessen Horowitz
  • Better than the ‘drive-in’ concept
  • Don’t have to serve for even a minute.
  • No worries about the customers not collecting their orders
  • As a customer puts an order, the app automatically subtracts money from the wallet
  • Used in multiple universities across the US


  • Industry: Ecommerce
  • Funding: £80M
  • Investors: DMG Ventures
  • Made buying used cars simply
  • An inspection-cum-car selling store
  • Comprehensive 150+ point checklist for every car
  • Once placed an order, the vehicle will be delivered in the next 72 hours
  • Can always exchange it for no extra charges

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